Friday, October 19, 2012

wonderful little things.

On Thursdays I swim from 5:45 to 6:30 before work. Then I go to Tim Horton's to get oatmeal and coffee and go to work. That's my little routine. Yesterday when I got to the window to pay for my breakfast, the cashier said that the woman in front of me had paid for my order. I had no idea who it was, and she was gone before I could get out of the parking lot.

For a few dollars, some stranger made my day.

I've been keeping a regular old journal lately. Like with a real pen! I haven't done this in years and years, but I'm trying to make a daily practice of it again.

One of the things I'm doing is keeping a list each day of five things I'm grateful for. It's a simple maybe hokey little practice, but it really does change your focus throughout the day. It makes you look around to find things that make you happy.

#1.  Yesterday, having someone buy my oatmeal and coffee was an easy one. I was so grateful for that.

But there are wonderful little things everywhere once you're looking for them.

#2.  Like this tree. And the fact that I had time to pull over to photograph it on my way to yoga.

#3.  And the sunlight yesterday that flooded the yoga studio.  I put my mat down right in one of those rectangles of light. 

 Another sunny shot from inside Central Street Yoga.

#4.  I had dinner at Kim and Dean's last night, friends who are like family to me.  Having someone cook a delicious hot meal for me, and then sitting around a table and talking and feeling loved and understood.  Yep, I'm grateful for that. 

#5.  I came home to find this status posted on facebook from a former student. 

Five things I'm grateful for.  Kindness from a stranger, something beautiful, something good for me, love from friends, and a thank you note.  Wonderful little things.

Now go out there and pay attention,  and buy a stranger breakfast.


Kim Oldenburgh said...

Bailey taught me to keep a "Great things that happened today" journal a few years ago when we went to a MWP conference. It really does change how you look at things (and you attitude). Reminds me of Ralph Fletcher always telling us to notice "things", even small things. I guess I paid it forward for you the other day. I got my car serviced and they gave me a goodie bag when I left. On my way out of Kohls, a homeless man was standing at the corner, and I rolled my window down and asked him if he wanted the bag-he had a big smile on his face and said, "Thanks." It wasn't much, but it may have made a difference in his life.

Jodi said...

oh my gosh, i just loved everything about this Emilie. I have been doing something similar but i am not as consistent as i'd like to be what a wonderful reminder. a hokey practice maybe but well worth it. PS: i loved your photos!! here's to random acts of kindness!

jenn said...

The path to happiness is filled with gratitude!

Lisa said...

I'm grateful for a post like this, that reminds me that happiness and gratefulness doesn't have to come from big things.

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