Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Mom on Mamalode

I am honored to be published today on the beautiful on-line parenting magazine Mamalode.

You may already be a huge fan of Kelle Hampton?  Umm, who isn't?  Kelle is a regular contributor and photographer for Mamalode, and you may recognize her beautiful babies on many of the covers.

I have been working with my seniors on college essays; it is a daunting task to teach them to be efficient with language, to keep their essays under 500 words. As an act of karma, I was asked to trim my 2000 word essay about my dad's death to under 600 words.

With help from the gracious editors at Mamalode, rewriting this essay was a hard but really gratifying process.  After substantial trimming, what is left is the heart of the experience.

 You can read it here. We Come. We Go. We Love.


6512 and growing said...

Loved your piece on Mamalode. Brave and beautiful writing.