Sunday, November 11, 2012

post-election (sugar) high

The night before the election, Reed told us that he was voting for "Obama,  YES on ONE, and more cookies."  Who wouldn't vote for more cookies?

Four years ago, my kids had no idea what was happening during election season.  I still got Skyler to pose for this in 2008.

My kids' understanding of and interest in the election this year was quite cool.  True, they had a very simplified comprehension of the issues in their minds, but they knew that both of their parents adamantly support Yes On ONE.  Skyler even danced with me in the Flash Mob (the video of our dance has over 17,000 views!) 

 They recognized the orange Yes on ONE signs, and understood that a win for YES meant that everyone's love would be considered equal.  They wanted to know WHEN we would know who won, and if they could PLEASE stay up late until we knew.  (I voted No on that initiative.)

Because of our dear friends Sandi and Suzanne, the YES on ONE vote was personal for us.  Skyler and Reed understood the YES signs to mean "we think Sandi and Suzanne should have the right to get married!"  And a NO vote, to their young minds, meant:  "Sandi and Suzanne should not be allowed to get married!" That is, they thought all of Maine was voting specifically about our just our friends. My theory is that if everyone knew a same-sex couple like Sandi and Suzanne, the vote would seem just that simple.  

The Carvers completely put themselves out there for this election.  They were brave and tireless and vigilant.  They put their own vulnerable selves on the line to educate others about same-sex families.  They canvassed, wrote op-eds, blog posts, organized flash mobs, delivered signs, baked for the volunteers at the call centers, made countless calls, and were featured in newspaper articles and on Yes on ONE mailers.  They have become the poster-family for equality in this area.  We are so very proud.

The four of them are family to us.  And they made this vote very real and immediate to my kids.

Skyler and Ella have been friends since Suzanne and I were pregnant with them.  They love each other (and sometimes fight) just like sisters.

 And Reed and Maya?  They are both impish and naughty and sneak right into your hearts with the sparkle in their eyes.

Suzanne and Sandi are Reed's Godmothers. I'm pretty sure that Reed knows how lucky he is.

So, when I woke up the kids to tell them that YES on ONE won in Maine, Reed's first waking comment was:  "YAY!  Can I have a piece of cake at Sandi and Suzanne's wedding?"  I guess that sugar is at the forefront of Reed's mind, but how can you blame him? Cookies, cake, and equality.  It's a wonderful world.

After all the angst that surrounded the campaign, we thought we needed a party to celebrate the Yes on ONE vote.  The great folks at Paddy Murphy's, an Irish pub in downtown Bangor, totally supported hosting us in their upstairs room.  And what do you need when you are having a party?  A cake.

My friend Ange and I are very similar in many ways, timeliness and organization, for starters.  We also think of baking as the default action for happiness.  If you're happy and you know it bake a cake.

Ange and I teamed up to make a (naturally) rainbow layer cake.  Ange baked 6 vibrantly colored sweet-potato pound cakes, I made a quadruple batch of butter-cream frosting, and we got together to build it.


Our girls Anna and Skyler decorated the top with hearts and rainbow candies. 

The party:

It was so great to relax and celebrate with so many fantastic people. Paddy's was very cool about how many kids we had in the bar, and they just held plates of burgers and pints of beer up high in the air as they negotiated through the crowds, stepping over the many spirited short people who were all waiting to get cake.

And when it was time for cake, we lit rainbow candles and sang "Happy Gay Day to Us"

look at Reed.  :)
 When we cut the cake and revealed the rainbow, everyone cheered.  WOOO HOOO! 


And so, election season is over.  I feel relieved and optimistic about the outcome.  In four more years, I hope we have an initiative on the ballot for more cookies and cake.  I'm imagining lawn signs and bumper stickers.

Cheers to equality!  So very proud of my state, my friends, and my kids.


The Finicky Farmer said...

Cheers, indeed, for a "very happy gay day"! Also. That cake is totally fabulous.

Yo Momma Runs said...

And now you need to tell us the sweet potato cake recipe!!!

JenDapFeinst said...
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