Thursday, November 22, 2012

San Francisco, day one.

I took you all with me on my run this morning. It was a 5.5 mile loop, a nostalgia tour of my old stomping grounds. I started before San Francisco was awake; I woke up before 5 am and the coffee shops don't even open until 7 here. Weird.

I feel like an earlier version of myself here. I like it. A lot.

Cole Valley. My old neighborhood.

Eucalyptus tree in the panhandle of the park. Sun just coming up. Can you smell it?

Into the park. Past the Conservatory of Flowers.

And through the de Young museum.

And back up to Cole Valley to 187 Belvedere, home for 4 awesome years. A lot of things in my life were sorted out while sitting on those steps.

And now the coffee shops were open. I went to Reverie, where I used to go for bagels and coffee, and my dog Charlie used to sit outside and wait for me. I kept looking down at my feet for my sleek, soft black pup who was at my side for every step of my SF days.

Later in the morning, Chris and I walked to breakfast, but we went via these trails that I swear to you are real. You just climb these steps and then you are there.

It doesn't feel real. It feels incredibly fake, like you are dreaming, or that there might be hobbits there or something. It is so lush, and just a few blocks away from his house, right in the middle of this city. I never knew they were there, all the years I lived within blocks of this. It was so crazy. At the end of the trail, we popped back into the city and went out to breakfast. Insane. I'm not doing it justice

On the trails, I found my dog Jackson except it wasn't Jackson, it was Cash, a dog that looks identical to my Jackson. I couldn't stop staring at him. Jacksy? Isn't that really you?
Out of the woods, and back into the city, we had oatmeal at Boulange.

And then coffee at Flywheel Coffee Shop, where Chris has some of his photos on display.

Next it was time for beach walking at Fort Funston.

And then a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with 16 friends.

And that was Day one. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!