Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To the Lighthouse

A few weekends ago, Kristina had a party to celebrate the completion of the book she wrote about running and training through pregnancy.  I drove to Boston for the occasion and got to meet Kristina's friends, eat delicious food and drink wine.  I will happily raise my glass to smart women and incredible accomplishments.

While there, we formulated our next plan.   Kristina and her Henry love Maine, and we all needed a mini-vacation, so on Saturday, we met up in Portland for a day of Mainey things like oceans and lighthouses and cute, kitchy shops, AND a night in a swanky hotel RIGHT across the street from the Maine Mall.  It had a pool and a view of Best Buy. Skyler said it was "SO FANCY."

Reed's big city purchase was this $3 tattoo sleeve that made him feel especially urban. 

Skyler rocked her boots. 

 To the ocean!  And the Portland Head Light!  It was a crisp, blue sky day that made me want to dance along the grassy knolls. 

 Our kids play very well together.  That is, they all love to use large sticks as swords, tell silly jokes,  and argue with their moms about rules.

 This is Reed asking Kristina 13 times if she is almost done with that email so he can play Angry Birds on her ipad.  Kristina is our hero.  She said yes, she was almost done. 
We exhausted the kids in the hotel pool while Kristina and I solved all of each other's problems.  It's a really great situation to have friends and kids like these. 

Speaking of vacations, my kids will be with their dad and grandparents for Thanksgiving, so I'm flying to San Francisco tomorrow for 5 days with my big brother.  That means there are burritos and runs through Golden Gate Park and, if the wave gods are feeling kind to me, surfing.  Happy Thanksgiving indeed.


Carrie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Emilie!