Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Christmas.

Here are some images from our excellent Christmas.  We were lucky to have my mom home and with us for all parts of Christmas this year.

For a few days prior, we wrapped gifts and baked cookies and tried to remember all the verses of the 12 Days of Christmas, even resorting to asking strangers in the grocery store for help with the words.  Reed's strategy, when in doubt is to sing/shout:  "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!"

Seriously, the kids were so good.  They were cheerful and helpful and full of smiles.  

sharing Christmas with all of her stuffed animals. 

 We baked a batch of Chewy Molasses Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt.  Santa got none.

 Christmas morning!  So patient. 
 The hit of the year was the wooden marble run from Aunt Liesel and Uncle Craig.  I love that my kids still get thrills from toys like this.  Neither of them got anything that requires plugging in.
 New sweatshirts and hats and piles of books.  Happy, happy kids. 

My kids and my mom joined Tim and his kids and his mom for Christmas dinner.  Families are merging here people, and there was pork tenderloin, potatoes, squash and apple-cranberry crisp to mark the occasion.  And football.

Reed got a football for Christmas and a lot of help on his technique.

In case the resemblance isn't entirely obvious, these are Tim's awesome kids Ellis and Hillary.
Hillary and Ellis (both former students of mine) treated my kids right. They are rock stars to them.   All day long today, it has been:    "Hillary.  Ellis.  Hillary.  Ellis.  Hillary.  Ellis"
Tim rides a motorcycle (our second date), so there was some Harley indoctrination going on. 
Later in the day,  we all went down to the park where there was more football and chasing and tackling and rosy-cheeked cuteness.

Besides all of this loveliness, I also got a new Magic Bullet Juicer for Christmas from my mom, and I have been juicing up a storm all day.  That thing is awesome.  Speaking of storms, my kiddos are off for their 2nd Christmas (not a bad deal, they think) tonight and we are about to hunker down for a snow storm (finally!).  I have popcorn and a fireplace and snowshoeing and Mediteranean Chicken in the slow-cooker in my future.

Happy (happy, happy) New Year to all of you. 


ltlindian said...

I'm sorry but is that Tim Throckmorton?? I remember him from the news when I was a kid living in Veazie! Holy moly. I think my mother used to cut his hair. Crazy! He was handsome then and he's still handsome!

kristip77 said...

Can I just give voice to those anonymous readers, like me, who just read and lurk and savor your blog from a distance and say that I'm just so happy for you I can't stand it? We don't even know one another. I just fell upon your blog one day, quite a long time ago now, so long ago that I don't recall exactly how I discovered it even. But since then your blog has been my consistent favorite. It could be because we're both mothers of two, both runners, both English teachers, or maybe I just like the way you say things? I can always relate. Anyway, I just had to speak up and congratulate're absolutely beaming...both in your pictures and in your words! The energy is so tangible; it nearly leaps from the screen. How wonderful!

Emilie said...

ltlindian: it is indeed. yep, still handsome. :)

kristi: I read this aloud to Tim on our way home last night. So touched by what you wrote. I am beaming, and thank you so much for sticking with me. All my best for a wonderful year.

M. Louise Cunningham said...

Emily, It's so nice to see you happy again :) Huggggs from Veazie!

nurseness said...

Emilie... I love your Blog! It makes me miss the people of Maine. I am glad I found it and can check in from time to time. So glad to see that you are happy and healthy. Your students are blessed to have such a warm, caring, and inspirational person to lead them. I can't wait to keep reading! Much Love and Adoration....NurseNess

Emilie said...

Hi Julie! So glad you found it too. You are so kind. Love and miss! Emilie