Monday, December 30, 2013

I don't know what it is exactly.

This Christmas season has held approximately one thousand moments of loveliness.  Here are some of them.

I helped Reed's class build gingerbread houses. 

We got a bunch of beautiful snow in Maine, and this was just the beginning.
We drove to Cleveland to visit Tim's family.  Yes we did, for a two-day visit.  13 hours each way.  At this moment, Ellis was driving and we were relaxing in the back.  With four drivers and such good company, the trip was a breeze.
This family sings "Joy to the World" (with harmonies) at the table before eating, laughs often and loudly, plays cut-throat Balderdash, and gives perfect and generous gifts.  This family also runs, so in our two days there, we ran 10 miles together. 
And there are big sit-down dinners with much banter and conversation, and good beer, and place cards.  I love them.

We drove back in time to prep for Christmas day.

And Christmas really began for me once these two were within my clutches.
On Christmas Eve, there was a pink sunset, and also, sledding. 

Christmas morning, before the spell was broken, I drank coffee in the dark while the kids slept upstairs.
Soon, I heard laughing, and somehow they had all ended up in bed together. 

Skyler said, about Christmas morning, "I don't know what it is exactly, but everything feels just perfect."

The personalized guitar strap (with flames) from Uncle Chris was a highlight.
Also, there was bracelet making.

Even Saige, the American Girl Doll, got a horse and dog.  I mean, really.
The ice storm left everything coated in glitter.  This is the view from our deck.

And another foot of snow sealed the deal:  Maine, you're gorgeous.
The rest of the week we spent doing adventurous and boisterous things like TUBING.

And skateboarding, rock climbing, and more sledding.

And suddenly yesterday,  the house was clean and the presents were all put away, and Tim and I found ourselves with a whole day to ourselves.  The two hardest decisions we had to make were:  What time do we run?  and, Where should we go out to eat?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Everything to all of you.  

I don't know what it is exactly either.  I just know it feels good.


Rowgirl08 said...

That last picture - tears in my eyes. So happy for you all! So much love and it's still growing every day in that family!

Just like that beautiful old oak tree….

Happy new year Emilie! xoxo from VT