Wednesday, August 5, 2015

one massive summer post

I can't even tell you how it got to be August, but here I am going through all of the photos from all of the things that have happened.  I'm in denial that we are headed toward back-to-school talk.  People have started saying to me: "When do you go back to school?" And I say:  "Shhh.  We aren't ready to go there yet."

But when I look at all these photos I am feeling proud of us for squeezing so much goodness out of summer so far.  But it's not over yet.  Did I mention that?  Not over.

Here,  I'll organize the summer into categories for you.  



Tim ran the full, I ran the half.  It was pouring.  I tried to love it, but the whole time it rained and rained and I didn't feel the love. This was my 16th half marathon, and while I still love the distance, I just felt a little underwhelmed the whole time.

I ran most of it with my loyal running buddy Susan.  We are soaked right down to the underwear but you can't even tell.

My mom came to the finish line and brought me a towel, coffee, and a bagel (good mama!) and then we waited for Tim to finish. In the pouring rain, he still managed to PR and I was so very proud.

Amazing job on a very tough day.

The next day, I got out my bike because I felt like I needed to take a break from running. It felt good to be back, so I signed up for a triathlon.


For the next 4 weeks, we lived at the lake.  Life is easier on the lake. The kids don't need anything except a peanut butter jelly sandwich around noon. Once their morning tasks are done, they are outside straight through until it's time to go to bed.  Friends come to us, but we don't leave very often except to resupply on s'mores stuff.

Friends and lunch making; the lake makes everyone hungry.

There is more time to lie around and look at the sky.  And think.

 And read...

Reed learned to steer the canoe.

Every meal was on the deck.

The Ohio Throckmortons came to visit.

 Ellis had a birthday.

 Hillary had a birthday.

Blueberry picking and painting on Sunset Rock.

And we just played and felt lucky.

After dinner, we'd head out in a boat and then the kids would swim until dark. It's a good life.


As soon as our time at the lake was over, we came back to town and started the process of redoing our bedroom. Talk about a reality shift.

I don't have a real BEFORE pic, but there was floral wallpaper in there from 22 years ago, so suffice it to say, it was time for a change. Because the house is so old (built in 1827), the walls are horse-hair plaster and we needed to skim coat and sand all the walls and re-sheetrock the ceiling, so it took ten full days and a lot of sweat and a few tears.

Have you ever sheetrocked a ceiling?  Not so easy on the neck.

I spent five straight days sanding/ patching the walls.  FIVE DAYS. 

On day 9, we finally got to paint.

And then floors, and then furniture, and finally, DONE.


And hard.  He actually dented the car. We all either heard it or saw it, and it was horrible.  Beside the fact that I thought Ryder was dying, I also watched Skyler's heart break in two pieces.

Want to see true love? This is Skyler comforting Ryder at 11:30 at night.  Unbelievable, he was extremely sore but sustained no broken bones or any internal injuries.

He looked like this for a few days after, sort of sad that the world could hurt him so badly.  And then three days later he was swimming and running again per usual.  We feel so lucky to have him with us.


I did this sprint triathlon really just to keep myself in the game of triathlons.  I hadn't properly trained for the bike, but it felt really good to get out there and do it.  Well actually, the hills?  They did not feel good.

Mainly, it rekindled my love for open water swimming.  It's the only part of the triathlon that I'm competitive in and it's the part I truly love.  I also love race medals and my husband.


While I was sanding the bedroom, the kids were having a fantastic week creating art and taking theatre classes at art camp. Skyler had her BFF Ella with her, and Reed was worried he would make no friends.  This fear lasted until Tuesday when he introduced me to his "best friend Simon" whom he had met on Monday.  The kids had a blast at this funky, hippie, throwback, ramshackle wonderfully nurturing and creative place.


We drove out to Sandi and Suzanne's camp where the last several miles go through the Blueberry Barrens (dirt roads, heads out of the car, blueberries for miles).   We were missing our lake, so this was a much needed dose of fresh water and time with our friends.


Tim and I went to Bar Harbor for 2 days to celebrate our one year anniversary.  And well, it was like this:

view from our table at La Bella Vita

I'm still thinking about this chicken picatta with HOMEMADE pasta.  

full moon

And that brings us all up to date, I think.

If you made it this far, you must be my mom (hi, mom!).  

Enjoy your summer, and remember, let us not talk about school for 3 more weeks.

Carry on!  xoxo