Hey,  I'm Emilie.  I've been writing One Mom in Maine since 2007.   I am a high school English teacher and I adore my job.   When I'm not at work, I aim to be outside playing or in the kitchen cooking and baking, and always with my kids.  I love everything about parenting except for all of the sibling rivalry parts, and I love everything about living in Maine except for the March part.

I am a Michigander who ended up in Maine in 2001 after a 4-year stint in San Francisco. I have a degree in English from the University of Michigan, an M.Ed. in Secondary English from the University of Maine, and a C.A.S. in Writing and the Teaching of Writing, also from the University of Maine. I love the Red Sox, fresh vegetables, smoothies,  Nutella, good beer, running, baking, riding my bike, singing in the car with my kids, living near an ocean, climbing mountains, taking photos, and writing about my life (hence the blog). 

I never thought I could run a marathon, and I've run four.  I never thought I'd finish grad school, and I did, twice. I never thought I'd only have my kids half the time, and I do.  Life is tricky and full of hard stuff and good stuff, and somehow, after innocently starting a blog in 2007,  I am now sharing all of my ups and downs on the internet. Making connections with readers is completely self-propelling and makes me want to write more and more;  I write this blog for the joy that it brings me every week.     

Here I chronicle the triumphs and pitfalls of parenting two high-energy children while teaching full time, training for marathons or triathlons, trying to put healthy meals on the table, and breathing deeply through life's adversities.   I believe strongly in the power of home, good food, fresh air, challenging goals, and the stories that weave these all together.   I also take a lot of photos and post them on instagram, so follow me there, too:  1mominmaine.

Thanks for reading.  Please reach out and say hello.