[Race Reports]

MDI Marathon, MDI, Maine, October 2014  First marathon with Tim, first marathon for Hillary, and a new PR on a beautiful day.  But, holy hills.

Pumpkinman Half Ironman Tri, Berwick, Maine,  9/8/13

After a summer of not training hard enough, I still had a great day.  6:46.17, sunshine, and big smiles.

Race the Runways Half Marathon, Brunswick, ME 4/6/13
Holy wind!  My first big race with Tim and we crossed the line together.  2:25.41  (15th Half Marathon)
Pumpkinman Half Ironman Triathlon, Berwick, Maine, 9/9/12

Most amazing day, first time at this distance, surpassed my time goal and smiled the whole way.  6:44.23 
Sugarloaf Marathon, Eustis, Maine, 5/20/12

Beautiful course, very hot day, another slow race.  Overall, a very happy experience.  (4th full marathon).
Race the Runways Half Marathon, Brunswick, ME 4/7/12

Beautiful, sunny day, NO GARMIN, lucky underwear, and a new PR:  2:09:45  (14th Half Marathon)
Chamberlain March Half Marathon, Brewer, ME.  3/4/12

Brand new race, average pace, great people. (13th half marathon)

Brewer Turkey Trot, 2011.

My fastest pace ever.  3 miles in 25:31.

MDI Marathon Relay.  Bar Harbor, ME.  10/16/11

Another beautiful day on the island with my friends.  Perfect.

Maine Half Marathon.  Portland, ME.  10/3/11

To quote Dooce:  "It sucked and then I cried." (12th half marathon)

MDI Half Marathon.  Bar Harbor, ME.  9/17/11

Happy, happy, happy.  Joy, joy, joy, and a course PR on a sunny day. (11th half marathon)
My 10K do-over, all by myself, 9 August, 2011

In which I redeem myself for my epic fail at Beach to Beacon.

Beach to Beacon 10K, Cape Elizabeth, ME 6 August 2011

Another race in which the humidity slowed me down.

Danskin Triathlon, Webster, MA, 24 July 2011 

 In which I have a great race and then end up in the ER in Boston. (4th triathlon)
MDI Fun Run and 10K, Bar Harbor, ME.  11 June 2011

Kids ran 1 mile, I ran 6.2. Skyler won her age group, Reed got a piggy-back ride, and I ran 1:00.25.  Beautiful day!

Vermont City Marathon, Burlington, VT.  29 May 2011

Hot and humid conditions slowed me way down and yet still, a very joyful marathon.  5:28.06 (3rd marathon)
Race the Runways Half Marathon, Brunswick, ME. 2 April 2011

Very cold and windy day, but flat course led to a pretty good time.  This is a brand new race and I would definitely do it again.  2:12.02 (10th half marathon)
Maine Coast Half Marathon, York, ME 7 November 2010

Great fun with my five running friends, but I was sick and it was cold.  Still an okay race:  2:20.00  (9th half marathon)

MDI Marathon Relay, Bar Harbor, ME 17 October 2010

Super fun day on the most beautiful marathon course in the country.

Maine Half Marathon, Portland, ME.  3 October 2010.

Beautiful, supportive race on a crisp fall weekend.  Another new PR, and no pain or suffering.  2:11.25 (8th half marathon)
MDI Half Marathon, Bar Harbor, ME 18 September 2010

Gorgeous day, lots of friends on the course, 9 minute course PR and 2 minute half marathon PR.  2:16.06 (7th half marathon)

Beach to Beacon 10K, Cape Elizabeth, ME.  7 Aug 2010

Amazing day, great friends, super-fast elite athletes, just missed my time goal but had a blast.  TIME:  1:00.51

 The Mud Mile, 24 July 2010

Weirdest race ever.  1 Mile on the mud flats of Great Cranberry Island.
Vermont City Marathon, Burlington, VT.  May 30 2010

2nd marathon, beautiful course, green shirts with great friends, rough time. 18 minute PR.  TIME:  5:19

Salt Lake City Half Marathon, Salt Lake City, UT.  April 17 2010

Surprised my sister by showing up to run, mostly down hill, hit the wall at mile 11.   2 minute PR.   TIME:  2:18 (6th half marathon)

Mid-Winter Classic 10 Miler, Cape Elizabeth, ME. February 7 2010

Cold and hilly, but a good race.  TIME:  1:45

Maine Coast Half Marathon, York, ME.  November 8 2010

Beautiful, warm fall day.  Ran strong.  1 minute PR.  TIME: 2:20 (5th half marathon)

Nike Women's Marathon, San Francisco, CA.  October 18 2009

1st marathon, unbelievable experience with Team in Training, finished strong.  TIME:  5:37

MDI Half Marathon, Bar Harbor, ME.  September 19 2009

Team Cousins!  Beautiful day.  Ran with Jen and Amy.  TIME:  2:25
(4th half marathon)

Big Lake Half Marathon, Alton Bay, NH.  May 10 2009

Nice hilly course, ran alone.  Small, quirky race with no crowd support. 4 minute PR. TIME:  2:21 (3rd half marathon)

Black Bear Sprint Triathlon, Orono, ME  October 22 2008

FREEZING cold and painful.  Biked without gloves.  Run felt great.  TIME:  1:34

MDI Half Marathon, Bar Harbor, ME.  September 18 2008

2nd half marathon.  Much better!  Ran with Susan.  Runner's high! 15 minute PR.  TIME:  2:30

Danskin Women's Triathlon, Webster, MA.  July 26 2008

Great race, much more prepared this time.  16 minute PR.  TIME:  1:29

Boston Race to Remember, Boston, MA.  May 30 2008

My first half marathon.  Ran with great friend Adrienne.  Really hard, but I finished!  TIME:  2:45

Danskin Women's Triathlon, Webster, MA.  July 27 2007
photos are in a separate post.

My very first race! Reed was just a baby.   Sprint Tri. Nervous, nervous, nervous.  Felt great.  TIME:  1:45