[Turkey Trek]

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Thanks for checking out information on theTurkey Trek, a 4-mile trail run/walk in City Forest in Bangor, ME on Thanksgiving morning! After the run, linger for hot coffee and snacks.


WHERE DO WE MEET?   Meet at the Tripp Road Parking Lot off of Stillwater Avenue in Bangor.

WHAT TIME?  8:00 am start.  Folks tend to gather starting at about 7:30.

WHAT IS THE COST?:  Please bring a non-perishable food donation, at least one item.  We encourage you to bring a full shopping bag of food.  Remember, it's Thanksgiving.

IS THIS A REAL RACE?  No.  There are no bibs nor is there a timing system.  It is a group run, for fun.

BUT I HEARD THERE WERE PRIZES?   The first 3 adult runners and the first child to cross the "finish line" will receive a homemade pie for your Thanksgiving feast.

CAN I WALK?  Yes!  There is also a 2-mile loop option for walkers.

CAN I BRING KIDS?  Yes!  Some runners even have kids follow along on bikes.  This is fine!

CAN I BRING MY DOG?  Yes!  If your dog is not under voice-control, please keep him/ her on a leash. 

Susan and Emilie, co-founders of the Turkey Trek, address the crowd with Melissa Huston from The Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Susan Thibedeau and Emilie Throckmorton created the Turkey Trek in 2007 because we wished there was a local run on Thanksgiving morning.  We also decided to make the event into a collection of donations for a local food pantry.

The Turkey Trek started small and has grown each year and we are quite proud of it.  During the last few years, we have had well over 100 hundred runners and walkers on Thanksgiving mornings.  We have done the Turkey Trek in rain, sun, and even a foot of snow.  We have donated many, many trunk-loads of food to local food shelters in Bangor.

We'd love to have you join us (again, or for the first time) this year.  Please spread the word to friends and family.

Please remember the event is not technically a race.  There are no bib numbers nor a timing system.
It is a gathering of good folks for a run or a walk through the woods, and
it will make you feel good, and you will go home happy and ready to cook
 up your Thanksgiving feast.

Even though it's not a real race, we do offer some incentive to run
fast.  The first 3 runners to cross the "finish line" will receive a
homemade pie for your Thanksgiving feast.  Susan and Emilie bake the pies and
 our pies, we have been told, are kind of amazing.

Most importantly, this event is a way for all of us to be thankful for
our resources. Food donations will go to the Good Shepherd Food Bank,
 an organization that services all 16 counties of Maine and provides food
 to more than 36,000 people per week.  Their website also provides
information and education about hunger in Maine, as well as a great blog about the work they do.

The following is from their website:

Why are people hungry?
Basically, there's no good reason for people in Maine to go hungry.  
There's plenty of food. The problem has always been overcoming the
economic and political obstacles that prevent food from reaching those
who need it. Ending hunger means solving these more systemic problems
while, at the same time, doing everything we can on a daily basis to
feed hungry people.

Many people are hungry because they get sick  or injured, a spouse or
 parent dies, or they lose their job or are  unable to work.
Unfortunately, these
bad breaks happen all the  time to people in all socio-economic conditions, forcing them to make  painful choices
like whether to buy food to eat or pay their rent or  other living

 Grace,  Marlee and Emilie on a chilly Thanksgiving morning.

 So, mark your calendars and spread the word.  Meet us for an 8 am start
in the Tripp Road parking lot of City Forest in Bangor, rain or shine.
The run or walk is a 4-mile loop of trail.  Join us on Facebook, and we hope to see you there!